American Honey Producers Association

American Honey Producers Association (AHPA)

The American Honey Producers Association was founded in 1968 as a spin-off from the ABF. Currently, the AHPA has over 550 members and is second only to the ABF in terms of its activities and influence in the U.S.

The interest and focus of the AHPA are specific to commercial and economically related activities of beekeeping, such as honey production and processing, pollination contracting and services, as well as commercial package bee and queen production.

AHPA members follow market conditions and lobby for fair prices on honey, beeswax, and related products to protect domestic beekeepers who often have to compete with unfair trading practices from foreign countries. In recent years, the AHPA has been a strong supporter of honey bee research and finding successful ways of mitigating beekeeping-related problems. AHPA annual meetings are industry renowned for their cutting-edge beekeeping information. Check out their site for further information and current industry news.