Mission Statement

The Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association, a non-profit organization, exists to provide a reasonable and much-needed voice for commercial beekeepers in Colorado, but also to foster and develop constructive relationships with farmers, growers, regulators and any interested stakeholders wanting to support a robust beekeeping industry in Colorado.


The Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association strives to provide practical, reasonable and scientifically supported information which will lead to successful and sustainable beekeeping practices..  We support initiatives that better help to address issues of colony health and sustainability. We look forward to collaboration with organizations working on, but not limited to, the following initiatives:

  • Development of Varroa mite resistance strategies particularly those involving genetic resistance.
  • Testing and breeding work that helps to establish commercially viable genetic strains of honey bees resulting in improved colony health and overall disease resistance.
  • In-field studies of real-world beekeeping environments to derive statistically significant data that allow us to make meaningful decisions about colony health and productivity.
  • Development of recent ‘smart hive’ technologies to better implement colony monitoring and management.