2016 Summer Meeting

The Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association Summer Meeting

CPBA 2016 Summer Meeting was a great success this year.  We had a full house on Saturday July 16th at the Goodhue Farmhouse on the Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm, 2005 South 112th St. Broomfield, CO 80020.  Click here for some pictures of the meeting.

2016 CPBA Summer Meeting


The theme for this year’s Summer Meeting was Honoring Our Heritage & Furthering Sustainable Beekeeping in Colorado. The morning session was from 9:00 a.m. to around noon will focus mainly on heritage and sustainable beekeeping practices. A significant aspect of CPBA’s mission is to help further communication and understanding between Colorado’s beekeepers and the larger agricultural community.

Speakers from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Colorado State University and Boulder County Parks & Open Space were on hand to chat and answer questions. CPBA President Lyle Johnston gave an update on conditions affecting almonds and commercial beekeeping.


Around noon we had lunch which was catered by nearby KT’s BBQ with all the fixin’s – and was included in the price of admission (alcoholic beverages not allowed at this venue). This was a Zero Waste event (meaning that we cleaned up and recycled any trash generated beyond the lunch service).

A very successful raffle was held shortly after lunch to help raise funds for the CPBA treasury (The CPBA operates on donations and proceeds from meetings like this, rather than dues BTW).

After lunch, attendees had the opportunity to tour the adjacent Rock Creek Heritage Farm and visit with its current operator Scott Miller. Scott is the 5th generation of Millers farming at Rock Creek and is also a beekeeper. He has a dozen or so hives on the farm and also leases bees from Lyle’s brother for pumpkin pollination.


The balance of the afternoon (until around 5:00 p.m.) was open to attendees visiting with our speakers informally and among ourselves. Older, more experienced beekeepers were encouraged to visit and share with our newer beekeeping members.

This meeting was a great opportunity for renewing old beekeeping ties and friendships – and to share with other beekeepers. It was also an  opportunity for developing good working relationships with the farmers, growers and regulators that we as beekeepers are so interdependent on in maintaining sustainable practices.  This meeting provided updates on successful beekeeping practices within an atmosphere of comradery and friendship.