Benefits of CPBA Membership

  1. Associate and network with beekeepers and those who support a livelihood-directed and scientifically informed approach to beekeeping.
  2. Cultivate an awareness of and appreciation for historical Colorado beekeeping practices, but accept the need to adapt to current beekeeping situations, as necessary, in order to be successful and sustainable.  Becoming better beekeepers!
  3. Exchange information and advice with experienced beekeepers, as well as related professionals (educators, agriculturists and regulators) to develop sustainable beekeeping practices in Colorado (and beyond).
  4. To realize and promote a positive image and attitude for beekeepers in Colorado that is not dominated by adversarial or pessimistic thinking in order to encourage cooperative and constructive beekeeping practices.
  5. Advertise items wanted or for sale on the CPBA website to a state-wide and larger audience of both livelihood-based and recreational beekeepers as well.


See our Membership page for information on joining.