Wanted: Beeswax

I’m looking for beeswax. Hopefully someone in the front range area has beeswax for sale. Looking for about 200lb or so at a time. Please call Jack Gilmore at (970) 481-7102 or email him at jack_gil3more@yahoo.com.


For Sale: Used Beekeeping Equipment

This beekeeping equipment is priced to move so it won’t last long.  Please call Al Summers at 303-702-0085 for more information or if interested.

Dadant bee blower – $150.00 OBO (cost around $500.00 new today).

55-gallon honey tank with stand (HDPE) – $100.00 OBO (cost around $300.00 today).



Order your CPBA cap here.


Instruction:  Beginning Beekeeping is NOT for Dummies

2017 & 2018

The focus of this beekeeping class will be understanding bees and beekeeping so you’ll have a scaffold on which to hang new information and a foundation for problem solving. I want to get you and your bees through the first year and point you at what you’ll need for years 2-5. Topics we’ll cover:

Equipment – Apiary setup
Starting with a package and nuc – How to work with your bees
VARROA – Pests parasites diseases
Bee biology: development, nutrition, genetics, behavior – Bees through the seasons in Colorado

*This class will be especially helpful for those who have lost their bees and want to try again. Bee suppliers are starting to request or require that customers take a course before supplying bees!**
Cost is $100. When payment is received, your place will be reserved. Class size will be limited to 15.  We’ll split into smaller groups for the hands-on session. Classes will be held at my house in S. Boulder, CO 80305. We’ll use The Beekeeper’s Handbook by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile 4th ed.  It’s a great book to have in any case.
Feel free to email/call/text if you have questions and to register. I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you this spring!

Kristina Williams,

Beehave –  mentoring and support for bees and their keepers