From the President

June 16, 2019

I met Pat Bowlen and his brother John 30 years ago.  They are great guys!  I was just reminded of how long we’ve been selling honey to the Broncos when I saw this note to my wife and me from Pat.  Pretty cool getting to sit behind the Broncos bench at all those championship games!



November 29, 2018

The CPBA had an outstanding 2018 Fall Meeting.  We would like to give a huge thanks to Jon Entine, Jerry Bromenshenk and all the other speakers.  The CPBA and some of our board members have already donated over $1000.00 to Jon Entine’s Genetic Literacy Project (GLP).  If you would like to support Jon’s work please consider a donation to the GLP.  Also, consider taking one of Jerry’s Master Beekeeper classes at UMT.

Another big thanks should go to Bob Todd and Jack Moore.  Bob helped out a ton at the CPBA Fall Meeting, plus he volunteered for the beekeeper seat on the CDA PAC.  The seat has now been filled by Kristina Williams who is also a long time CPBA member.  Best of luck, Kristina!  Jack Moore, president of the Western Colorado Beekeepers Association, should be the CPBA MVP this year.  He has donated his time, money, wisdom and much needed technical expertise (Matt especially thanks him).  Thank you, Jack!

Lyle Johnston


September 20, 2018

The CPBA would like to honor Jack Thomas who recently passed.  His contributions to the bee industry were legendary and his company was the most innovative supplier to ever exist to this date.

-Lyle Johnston

August 8, 2018

Beekeeping has never been better in my long career! The bee population will continue to grow each year as long as the almond acreage keeps increasing. If almonds ever go into the tank then beekeeping will most certainly go with it. Honey production can’t sustain beekeeping anymore financially so it just shows how the almond pollination is connected to beekeeping survival. The population explosion of bees nationwide and in Colorado is directly connected to this almond acreage increase.

This population explosion of bees is quite different than what is being portrayed in the news and even by some bee club’s leaders.  They are pushing that bee problems are all pesticides when its not! I have traveled to many Colorado bee club’s meetings this year and I have been very happy to see beekeepers are not biting into this fake news. I am finding that even though they have been given bad information on beekeeping, they are actually more in line with the thoughts of the CPBA and this real news article.

-Lyle Johnston